Römertøpf plays moving music.

For those of you who like a more precize definition:
image a creative cocktail of ambient, darkness, freegroove, post-rock and a little jazz noice.
We play harmonic, structured as well as live improvisation, accompanied by moving pictures.
And yes, we're from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. City of lost memories.

Movement, (slow)motion, association and cinematic suspense
are key elements in our performance, drawing our inspiration
from Scandinavian landscapes, film-noir atmospheres,
using both digital innovation and Artisan songcraft.

Music will never be the same...


Here you can listen to a few examples of our songs.



Playing live, the band offers more than only sonic landscapes; visuals en moving images are also part of the performance.

If you'd like to have more information about possibilities and/or to book us for a concert, please go to the contactpage.

- Kunstroute Rotterdam Noord (June 2013)
- Dynamo Open Podium (December 2013)
- Not suited for armadillos Festival at Db Utrecht (February 2014)
- Releaseparty REALmag. magazine at WORM Rotterdam (April 2014)

- Sunday 16 November 2014 at Dordrecht: METZ
- USVA Theatre Groningen (Winter 2014)



"The whole sounds dreamful and scenic, including narrative vocals. Nevertheless, the band shifts into gear before boredom gets foot behind the door. An ideal band to relax with."
(VPRO radio 3 voor 12)

"For thirty minutes, I was in another world! There, I was able to enjoy the landscapes in a way I always find it hard to."
(Concert visitor)

"It's very atmospheric music, just like Gong in the old days"
(John, musiccentre Dynamo Rotterdam)

(Toon Borghuis, Wasabisabi)

"Wow! Didn't now that this excist. It's better than the movie"
(Concert Visitor)


Say Hello.

If you want to contact us for more information about upcoming concerts or to book us, please mail to Stef Brands
or call +31 6 33 97 65 66